AIIMS Jammu ties knot with 03 Institutes of Excellence: Signs MoU’s with IIM Jammu, IIT Jammu and University of Jammu.

AIIMS Jammu ties knot with 03 Institutes of Excellence: Signs MoU’s with IIM Jammu, IIT Jammu and University of Jammu.

It’s a matter of immense pride that the concerted efforts, visionary leadership and fore thinking of Prof (Dr) Shakti Kumar Gupta, the First Executive Director and CEO of AIIMS Jammu has brought the four Institutions of Excellence viz. AIIMS, Jammu, IIT Jammu, IIM Jammu and University of Jammu, on a common platform to synergize their intellectual capabilities for setting global benchmarks in the field of integrated teaching, professional training and collaborative research. To materialize and show case the vision of fortifying academic goals, these four institutes signed MoU(s) with each other today at Jammu in Auditorium of Convention Hall, Canal Road, Jammu. This historical event was graced by chief guest for the occasion, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of State (IC) of the Ministry of Science & Technology; Minister of State (IC) of the Ministry of the Earth Sciences; MoS in Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions; Department of Atomic Energy; and Department of Space. Prof (Dr) Y.K. Gupta, Hon'ble President AIIMS, Jammu was the guest of honour.

Among others, the dignitaries who attended the occasion were Dr. Milind Kamble, Chairman Board of Governors, IIM, Jammu, Prof. B.S Sahay Director IIM, Jammu, Dr. Manoj Singh Gaur, Director IIT Jammu, Prof. Manoj Kumar Dhar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Jammu to grace the occasion.

On the occasion of signing of Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs), Prof (Dr) Shakti Kumar Gupta, Executive Director and CEO, AIIMS, Jammu briefed the gathering that three MoU’s i.e. MoU between IIM Jammu & AIIMS Jammu; Tripartite MoU between IIM Jammu, IIT Jammu & AIIMS Jammu and MoU between University of Jammu and AIIMS Jammu will be signed today.

Prof. Shakti Gupta further elaborated that, after signing of the MoU’s these four institutes will work jointly to develop integrated teaching modules for the delivery of joint academic programs, will organize joint international conferences and symposiums and will undertake executive training programs especially in the field of healthcare and hospital management. Also the institutes will work together to develop strategies and ways for improving the Primary and Secondary Health Care Management, Community Healthcare Planning and Management, Health Economics and Financial Management, Human Resource Management in Health Care. Apart above, these institutes will make use of the Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), IOT, Big data analytics, Machine Learning, Block chain etc to strengthen the Management and delivery of Healthcare Services. Further, to boost the healthcare delivery system these institutes will develop and offer Joint Post-Graduate Diploma/Post-Graduate Certificate Courses in the area of Hospital and Healthcare Management and these institutes will provide the much needed academic interface and platforms for our young researchers to showcase their talent. Additionally, the Faculty Exchange, Faculty Development Programs, will help to develop robust trainers and they will benefit from strengths of each other. The institutes will conduct research jointly for the common interest at regional, national and international levels to develop more effective methods in ways of applying the relevant knowledge already available for strengthening the National Healthcare system. The collaboration will also help to develop policies and protocols to be utilised by our country as well as neighbouring nations, developing reference material, training methods and services, develop and evaluate educational prototypes for the various categories of healthcare and family welfare planning personnel. These institutes will put their earnest effort to act as Thinktank and Offer Advisory/ Consulting Services to National and International Organizations. In the area of Collaborative Research and Publications, these institutes will provide opportunities for both staff and students to use to maximum the expertise and facilities available in the organizations.

Also, these institutes will work together to create conducive business environment for new ventures related to bio-medical, medical, healthcare, healthcare technology etc. and to establish incubation lab for innovations in medical and healthcare. Working jointly will help to identify the innovative ideas in health sector and handholding of the budding healthcare entrepreneurs. Dr. B. S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu: he stated that IIM Jammu has a faculty strength of 33 and has developed two centres of innovation since its inception 1.”ANANDHAM” as the name applies it is a centre for happiness developed to serve the nation and society in better way 2. Centre for ATAMNIRBHAR Bharat.

He further emphasized the multidisciplinary educational and research approach showcase by NEP 2020. He also expressed that COVID -19 has taught us the lesson that resources were not inadequate but we failed to manage them optimally.

Dr. Manoj Singh Gaur, Director, IIT, Jammu: he said that IIT Jammu has already signed a bilateral plan MOU with IIM Jammu during February, 2021 and outlined the opportunities provided by the NEP 2020 to improve the overall qualityof education in the country. He also said that IIT Jammu started in 2016 and has now 1000 students registered under various courses. He stressed upon translational research and role of machine learning.

Prof. Manoj Kumar Dhar, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu: showed the glimpses outlining the journey of the University and achievements made in last 50 years by the University of Jammu. He said UoJ is a NAAC accredited A+ university. He shared that UoJ has ranked high among various national and international universities and other institutions by various ranking agencies across the globe. He also made the gathering aware about the newer initiatives being taken by the UoJ like SPV,UIET, RUSA and National apple Germplasm Repository at Bhaderwah Campus among many other.
He also highlighted the advances in research made by UoJ.

Dr. Milind Kamble, President, BoG, IIM Jammu: emphasized the role being played by these MoU’s in collaborating academic and research institutes to jointly serve the society and nation.

Prof (Dr) Y K Gupta, Hon’ble President AIIMS Jammu and AIIMS Bhopal: during his speech he enlightened the gathering with his vast experience in the field of research and said that today’s event is a sign of Good beginning and if sustained efforts like this are continued, then very soon Jammu will be a hub of innovations. He expressed that the most difficult challenge during COVID pandemic was to allay the vaccine hesitancy among public and virtual platforms played a vital role to overcome this fear.

Emphasizing the role and significance of MoU’s he said that there is a need of moving from Research and innovations in silos to research and innovations in synergy. He further stressed the role of management in supply chain of vaccines during pandemic times. He desired that AIIMS Jammu should develop its own USP to make it a unique in academic research and patient care and said that AIIMS Jammu once established will ensure that people of Jammu do not move to Delhi and Chandigarh or other states for seeking specialized treatment. He also stressed the role of connectivity particularly the telemedicine and need for establishing a National institute of Traumatology at AIIMS, Jammu.

Dr. Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of State (IC): This historical event was graced by chief guest for the occasion, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of State (IC) of the Ministry of Science & Technology; Minister of State (IC) of the Ministry of the Earth Sciences; MoS in Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions; Department of Atomic Energy; and Department of Space.

While addressing the gathering on the occasion Dr. Jitendra Singh said that Jammu has become the hub of education in North India. He also emphasized the role played in the field of research by the Translational health science laboratory based in Faridabad, Haryana.

He further stressed the need of theme based working pattern in the advancement of research rather than department based working. Dr. Jitendra singh revisited the passion and scientific temperament of our former president Late. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and said that once he completed his tenure as president of India he passionately started working on carcinogens to find better ways to manage the different type of cancers.

Dr. Jitendra singh further said that AIIMS Jammu must collaborate with other institutes in Jammu province like central university of Jammu and IIIM Jammu to further widen the horizon of research and academia. He enlightened the steps taken by the central Govt. to promote entrepreneurship in North Eastern states through the scheme of viability funds and urged that the same may be replicated for the youths of UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
He shared that 60% of the passed out graduates from Department of Space, Central University of Jammu got jobs in NASA. He said AROMA originated from IIIM Jammu.
During closing remarks Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the Central Govt. is in the process of Developing a CET (Common Entrance Test) for all types of Govt. Jobs and once qualified the CET the same will remain valid for three years. He concluded that Govt. of India is coming up with a National Research Foundation very soon.

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