All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Vijaypur, Jammu


Caring is the essence of Nursing. Nursing integrates the art and science of caring and focuses on the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and human functioning; prevention of illness and injury; facilitation of healing; and alleviation of suffering through compassionate presence. Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations in recognition of the connection of all humanity. At its heart, lies a fundamental respect for human dignity and an intuition for a patient’s needs. This is supported by the mind, in the form of rigorous core learning.


For improving professional competence among nurses, it is necessary to place a high standard of nursing education, both postgraduate and undergraduate, before all Nursing Colleges and other allied Institutions in the country. Similarly, for the promotion of Nursing Research, it is necessary that the country should attain self-sufficiency in Postgraduate Nursing Education. These objectives are hardly capable of realization unless facility of a very high order for both
undergraduate and post graduate nursing education and research are provided by Central Authority in one place. With this objective, College of Nursing is set up at AIIMS Jammu. The vision of a college of nursing typically reflects its long-term aspirations and goals, outlining the desired future state and impact it aims to achieve in the field of nursing education and healthcare. The College of Nursing, AIIMS, Jammu believes in the trinity of the vision of AIIMS i.e. excellence in medical education, patient care, and research, and strives to contribute to this vision through the implementation of the nursing curriculum.

The elements that characterize the vision of a college of nursing are as follows:

• Excellence in Education: The College of Nursing, AIIMS, Jammu is committed to provide high-quality education that prepares students to excel in the field of nursing by involving innovative teaching methods, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on evidence-based practice.

• Research and Innovation: The College of Nursing, AIIMS, Jammu is dedicated to advance nursing science through research and innovation. This may involve collaboration with healthcare institutions, participation in research projects, and encouraging faculty and student involvement in scholarly activities.

• Leadership in Patient care: The College of Nursing, AIIMS, Jammu aspire to produce graduates who not only provide excellent patient care but also emerge as leaders in the healthcare industry. This may involve instilling leadership skills, promoting research, and fostering a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

• Thus, College of Nursing, AIIMS, Jammu aspire to have a global impact by producing graduates who can contribute to healthcare on an international scale. This may involve partnerships with healthcare organizations and educational institutions worldwide, as well as opportunities for students to engage in global health initiatives.


The College of Nursing, AIIMS, Jammu believes that as a profession and discipline, nursing draws on information from the humanities, physical, biological, and behavioral sciences as well as the arts and personal experience. Clinical competence, critical thinking, communication, professionalism, teaching and learning, compassion, and cultural competency are all incorporated within nursing science. To address issues with both individual and community
health, nurses work in conjunction with other medical specialties. In reaction to new discoveries and technological advancements in the field as well as developing healthcare challenges, nursing supports evidence-based practice and compassionate care among its practitioners. A genuine commitment to lifelong learning and professional development is necessary for nursing practice. The College of Nursing, AIIMS, Jammu strives to become Centre of Nursing Educational Excellence (CNEE) focusing on quality clinical care, education and research. It believes in the preparation of nursing graduates who are well equipped with professional skills and values needed to provide highest standard of care to patients and function efficiently as competent nurses who can exert transformative leadership in health sector around the globe. The College believes in sustaining a culture of excellence and innovation as well as a learning environment, where faculty continually seek to become more effective and innovative teachers who serve as role models for students and motivate students to become lifelong learners committed to excellence. The College of Nursing is committed to promote interprofessional education and
evidence-based transformative research, focusing on all round development of nursing graduates.

Salient Features of College of Nursing:

✓ 750 bedded parent hospital building with most modern medical technology.
✓ Value based Quality education and competency-based learning.
✓ Well qualified and highly competent faculty.
✓ Use of most modern innovative technology in teaching and learning.
✓ Ultra-modern, spacious classrooms and labs with the state-of-the art infrastructure.
✓ Voluminous library with recent edition of Nursing & Non nursing Books, National & International Journals, e- resources.
✓ Fully wi-fi campus.
✓ Periodic continuing nursing education programmes, conferences and workshops conducted to keep the nursing fraternity in par with advance technologies.
✓ Excellent Hostel and mess facilities.
✓ Eco friendly, fully secured campus with CCTV Cameras.
✓ Focus on all-round development of students.
✓ Promotion of Extra-curricular activities.

Aim of B. Sc (Hons) Nursing Programme:

The aim of the undergraduate program is to prepare Nurses and Midwives who are knowledgeable and competent, possess critical thinking skills, are caring, motivated, assertive, well-disciplined and assume responsibilities as professionals in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services in healthcare settings. These professionals will be empowered to make independent decisions in nursing situations within the scope of practice,
protect the rights of individuals and groups and conduct research in the areas of nursing practice and apply evidence- based practice.

Objectives of the program:

On completion of the four-year B.Sc.(Hons.) Nursing program the graduates will be able to:
1. Apply knowledge from physical, biological, behavioral sciences, medicine and nursing in providing nursing care to individuals, families and communities.

2. Demonstrate understanding of life style and other factors which affect health of individuals and groups.

3. Provide nursing care based on steps of nursing process in collaboration with the individuals and groups.

4. Demonstrate critical thinking skill in making decisions in all clinical situations in order to provide quality care.

5. Utilize the latest trends and technology in providing health care.

6. Provide promotive, preventive and restorative health services in line with the National Health Policies and Programs.

7. Practice within the framework of code of ethics and professional conduct and acceptable standards of practice within the legal boundaries.

8. Communicate effectively with individuals and groups, and members of the health team in order to promote effective interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

9. Demonstrate skills in teaching to individuals and groups, in clinical/community health settings.

10. Participate effectively as members of the health team in health care delivery system

11. Demonstrate leadership and managerial skills in clinical/community health settings.

12. Conduct need based research studies in various settings and utilize the research findings to improve the quality of care.

13. Demonstrate awareness, interest, and contribute towards advancement of self and of the profession.

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